About me:


My name is Andrea and I was born in Trieste (Italy).

I started photographing in 1974, when a family friend, professional photographer, gave me a fully automatic compact camera.

I had no photographic education nor knowledge about technique at that time, but the passion and curiosity about how to learn new techniques and the desire to improve my results inspired me to continue on this way.

In 2001 I joined to the traditional film camera my first digital camera. In 2003, I definitively moved to digital photography.



Infrared Photography:

Some years ago, I have seen some very interesting photos of some old photographers that have been taken with infrared films.

I was amazed about this technique but it was hard to find infrared films. I start using my old Digital Camera for infrared and I decided to physically modify the camera, removing the band-pass filter and replacing it with a transparent glass. Results arrived immediately.

After first attempts, I bought two different infrared filters. The classic one is the R72 which has a maximum transfer at 720nm and it is known as Near InfraRed Filter.

The special one is a filter that is open between 900nm and 1600nm. With this filter, also known as Deep Infrared Filter, it is possible to capture the deep part of Infrared. Images are black and white, no visible light affects the photo.

I start using this technique for nature landscapes and recently for portraits with remarkable results.


Nature and Wildlife

From the biginning I’ve always loved to photograph the nature in all its forms.

From mountain and sea views, from plains to hillsides …

Even the life that is part of this nature I have always loved to photograph …

Animals, from the largest to the smallest…

In all the things of nature there is something wonderful …

In every walk in nature man receives back much more than what he seeks.